Patricia Preston Patricia at age 5, circa 1956
photo by Bob Preston

The little girl in this picture never did grow up. I still paint walls and furniture and that pretty much says it all. Except, now instead of me being sent to "time-out" and the art scrubbed away, my art gets sent to galleries and I get paid money for it...not a bad deal at all.

Patricia Preston Warren/2006


Education and Experience:

I have been an inllustrator to the Tallahassee Democrat, Tallhassee, FL, a children's art instructor for the summer program of Watkins Institute of the Arts, and was office manager and assistant to the Art Director at St. Petersburg Center for the Arts.

I have two coloring books in print, published by the Dalmation Press, Nashville, TN

I served as an assistant set designer for Circle Players, Nashville TN's oldest theater group, where I also designed many playbills and tshirt designs.

I designed playbills for Nashville Academy Theater, a professional children's theater group in Nashville, TN